The GSVS is shaping the future of the fan and athlete experience through collaborative innovation between the world's leading sports organizations.
Dick's Sporting Goods
The E15 Group
Fox Sports
Los Angeles Dodgers
Major League Baseball
Major League Soccer

Our approach

To drive growth, we’re facilitating change. Not just by investing in the sports, media, and tech space — but by connecting global leaders that can push the industry forward by partnering to launch new, disruptive innovations together. On and off the field.

- Global Research and Actionable Insights

- Startup Activity Data and Trend Reports

- Private Partner Events

- Access to Subject Matter Experts

- Startup Innovation Showcase


- Company Exploration and Vetting

- Partner Collaboration Workshops

- New Technology Demos and Pilots

- Opportunity Sourcing and Deal Flow

- Product Validation and Implementation


- Pilot Planning and Deployment

- Design and Technology Development

- Due Diligence

- Investment Consulting

- IP Development Opportunities

Join Us

If you're interested in becoming a Studio partner, or if 
you have a product or service that's driving innovation in sports, technology, or media, get in touch with our team.