Introducing the Global Sports Venture Studio.

In 2015, we launched our first LA Dodgers Accelerator with R/GA. It was the first of its kind: proving we had the resources, domain expertise, and geographical reach to deliver real value to both early-stage and growth-stage startups.

Today, we’re building on our success with a platform that brings together strategists, creatives, leading organizations, and emerging players to deliver a 360º view of the landscape through research, networking, events, and pilots.

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Stay ahead of disruption.

We help Partners tap into innovation by understanding relevant technologies, business models, and consumer behaviors—and the ways in which they overlap.

Our Studio is a membership driven platform. Membership is open to leading technology and media organizations, sports apparel companies, and brands, as well sports teams and leagues from around the world who share an interest in driving our industry forward.

To our Partners, we offer access to knowledge capital, relevant startups and pilots, curated events, and networking opportunities that are tailored to their objectives and goals.

If your organization is interested in joining us, please contact us.


  • Knowledge Capital

    We go beyond just capturing qualitative and quantitative data to deliver actionable insights that provide a new perspective on your industry.

  • Curated Events

    We put you in the rooms you need to be in, tapping into our network of investors and industry leaders to host panels, workshops, roundtables, and demo events on a global scale.

  • Access to Startups and Pilots

    We help you validate your product, technology, and market; and connect you with Studio-affiliated startups for customized pilots and accelerator programs.

  • Networking

    We connect organizations with the potential for collaboration, and facilitate introductions to other Studio partners.


Grow. Scale. Sustain.

Many accelerators are programs designed to help startups rapidly develop their product and attract investment. We go beyond that to connect emerging players with industry leaders who can grow their business, laying the groundwork for pilots, testbeds, and customized accelerator programs.